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Expert in safe corporate collaboration solutions

Our company is Gloster Telekom Ltd, which is of 100% Hungarian ownership, and is a significant supplier of company collaboration systems and tools for more than 12 years on the market. For our company it is of primary importance, to deliver the highest possible standard and the most up-to-date technology through the solutions we provide to our customers.
We deserved the satisfaction of more than 100 customers already throughout our technological knowledge and high level of availability. Based on our several years of experience we primarily supply the products by Cisco, one of the leading manufacturer in technology, but naturally the solutions by other producers are also listed among our range of products, we keep on improving the cooperation with producers on a permanent basis.

The innovative developments by our company are supported by highly graduated Cisco engineers and software developers, with several years of expertise in the field of developing individual solutions. Our principle and major motivation is to find the opportunity for permanent development, to adjust it in our profile, and to further develop the idea. The openness and independence in technology is an essential criteria for us. Our goal is to achieve a breakthrough among the collaboration tools of our domestic companies, due to our innovative developments. It is primarily important for us to create safe communication between our customers and their clients by means of the most modern technology irrespectively of whether it is a customer service, international law company or a manufacturer.

We are proud that due to our professional calling, innovative thinking, and approach we managed to win the UC Partner of the Year by CISCO in 2009, and in 2014 we became partners with CISCO Incubation.

In 2014 by means of funds from an EU tender and of singnificant amount of own capital, we managed to build up an office site of almost 400 square meters where the overall IT, collaboration unit and our R&D departments are located. It is important for us, to work in an inspirational environment, where the communication between our employees is personal and real time. It is quite natural with our company, that the internal discussions and professional meetings are ended up with table football games.



Corporate collaboration Voice recorder for automatic ID input
LAN/ Wifi networks
Connecting Cisco tems with existing call-center
Safe video system solutions Customized reports
(without VPN )
Wallboard solutions,
Firewall solutions
Databank solutions
Professional IT solutions
IT Security solutions

It is a major development milestone of our innovative product portfolio, that we participate at R&D projects both in Hungary and internationally, either as private company, or as a member of a consortium.



Our company provides an allover ICT system integration service for our customers, and partners, either it concerns an existing IT network, or the introducing of a new system including operation as well. Our services are provided by the highly qualified engineer team of the company, with the firm support of our manufacturer supply companies.

Instalment service

Set up and installation are executed by engineers employed in our company, who at least have the following expertise:

Professional BSc or MA
at least 4 years of permanent practice in the instalment of Cisco telephone systems
at least 4 years of expereince with the peartion of IT systems

Operational service

One of the major elements of our operational service is the help-desk, where the reported errors and questions are answered. We offer three types of basic packages for our customers, the level of support and reaction is selected and decided by the clients:

trouble-shooting in 30 minutes
trouble-shooting in 2 hours
trouble-shooting in 4 hours

Our operational service includes the telephone support, field work, trouble-shooting (possible instrument replacement), consulting.


Special wifi tests:

metal warehouses
open space area of big size
old buildings with thich walls
ancient monuments
The survey is always documented in a wifi test protocol.


Gloster guarantee merges the support provided by manufacturers (cisco support), with the support provided by the highly professional and trained engineer employees of our company.

The result: the safety provided by the global manufacturer together with the flexibility and speed of the local support partner.

Gloster was a good choice, since it is a flexible and mobile company, which fully focuses on the requirements and characteristics of its partners. Gloster came, installed, and left.

“From now on we only call their experts for due to more complex tasks related to the whole of the system.”
Fónai Péter | Abroncs kereskedőház Kft.

“The professionals are flexible and managed to solve every issue prior to the deadline, whatever we requested. It is important that they are not simply call center officials, but highly qualified professionals, and they are able to immedaiately respond our problems and make steps. We could not have had a better decision, we would repeat our choice today as well.”

Bozsóki Zoltán | Tran-sys Kft.

“During the furnishment of the new Orex office building we had to set up a brand new IT system based on the most up to date requirements. As a part of this process we put major emphasis on our network tools. Following a serial of interviews we chose Gloster Telekom as a supplier. Why? Simply because they are good in it, professionals, flexible, precise, and their prices are reasonable. We have them even today as operation suppliers, and they are as reliable today, as they were several years ago. And this is a very essential aspect today in the world of IT. ”

Viglidán Tibor | Orex


Cisco Premier Certified Partner
Cisco Express Collaboration Partner
Cisco Advanced Routing & Switching Partner
Cisco Advanced Wirelss Partner
Cisco UC Partner of the year – 2009
Cisco Smart Care Registered Partner
Cisco Academy Network Partner
Cisco TelePresence Video SMB Program
HP Registered Networking Partner
EMC Velicity Partner
VMware Professional Partner
Motorola Authorized Partner
Microsoft Cloud Partner


Viktor Szekeres

Gloster telekom Kft.

Adress: 1/a, Csonka János utca, 2142- Nagytarcsa,

Phone: +36 1 456 8010 | Mobil: +36 20 222 5700

Fax: +36 1 700 27 11 | E-mail:

compnay reg. number: 01 09 721771 | tax number: 13163815-2-13